Relander Unique LKV Oy is a real estate agency that offers a fully comprehensive service and operates mainly in the capital city region. Having many years of experience, we are familiar with the special characteristics of properties ranging from basic single-roomed units to prestige properties with many rooms and busines premises.

Our Unique Homes LKV services cover the brokerage of apartments and real estate, property appraisal and the writing of appraisal reports.

Unique Premises services cover sales and rental services for office, storage and other business premises in the capital city area.

Our keywords are exclusivity and complete confidentiality. In addition, we aspire to be speedy and pro-active in all we do.

We promise to sell your property for the best price possible.

Our comprehensive estate agent’s service fee are:

Apartments: 3,2 % + VAT of 24% = totalling 3,97 % of the full price  + documentcosts 150,- (inc. VAT 24 %), minimum fee 4340,- (inc. VAT 24 %) + documentcosts 150,- (inc. VAT 24 %)

Real estate: 4% + VAT of 24% = totalling 4,96 % of the full price, minimum fee 4960,- + documentcosts 150,- (inc. VAT 24 %)

Appraisal reports’ costs are according to the contract.

Let us meet to discuss how we can serve you.

Matti Lindholm                           Maikki Relander-Lindholm